Aarason Perry: Middleweights Were Cautioned at CFC 3

Since entering MMA in 2012, Aarason ‘Hazaard’ Perry (3-1) has always balanced the scale at 170-pounds—until recently. Fifteen pounds more massive, Perry, with a dominant first-round win over Richard Rigmaden (3-10) at CFC (Conquer Fighting Championships) 3, sent a message in a bottle to all the middleweights surrounding the region.

Leading into CFC 3, Perry was contracted to compete in the welterweight division, but a detour veered the plan from its original direction: same date, different weight. When Perry’s original opponent, only a couple weeks before the March 18th deadline, was forced from the bout, he, understandably, believed his chances of remaining on CFC 3’s card changed from a yellow to red light; therefore, he pumped the brakes on managing his weight.

When the President, and Matchmaker, of CFC, Trever Johnson, informed the colorful personality from MMAGOLD’s fight team that a new opponent was willing to sign the dotted line, the idea of competing, receiving a payday, and performing before the Bay Area’s fanbase piqued Perry’s interest.

Standing toe-to-toe at the weigh-ins, the size discrepancy between Perry and Rigmaden was minimal. Of course, the second one of Rigmaden’s dense shins and gloved-up boulders tattooed Perry’s custom designed exterior, danger was on the horizon, so ‘Hazard’ turned up the pressure with the heart of a super heavyweight.

Rigmaden hurled another kick in Perry’s direction, but it was caught like a fly using chopsticks, which loosened Rigmaden’s balance and sent him toppling toward the canvas. From there, Perry pounded his opposition with an array of elbows that sent flares into the referee’s senses. Inch-by-inch, the third man in the cage crept closer, and he intervened at the realization: the Stockton native’s consciousness was slipping away.

At a little under a minute and a half, Perry positioned bright, orange pylons around the 185-pound weight class, letting a new group of mixed martial artists surrounding Northern California: the threat is real.

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