Anthony ‘Fluffy’ Hernandez: A Heavy-Hitting Strangler at GKO 9

The grappler versus striker debate pushed mixed martial arts into existence and has continued into present-day. In the case of Anthony ‘Fluffy’ Hernandez (5-0), an argument about where the advantage resides is encased in a singular, 185-pound shell.

Hernandez, a heavy-hitting hombre from Marinoble’s Martial Arts and MMAGOLD, doesn’t predict—he expects—to turn the lights out on each of his opponents with one of his lethal strikes. Entering the crimson proving ground at Global Knockout (GKO) 9—March 18th—to meet ‘Big’ Mike Persons (8-4-1), ‘Fluffy’ hadn’t softened his steely mindset. As satisfying as it is for Hernandez to crumple a body to the canvas; more often than not, a submission, namely the guillotine, reveals itself. This scenario was recycled inside Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort’s Grand Oaks Ballroom against Persons, the Stockton native from Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Round one opened with a process of measuring distance and timing. When both of these middleweights decided to implement their game plan, the scales immediately tipped in the favor of ‘Fluffy.’ Although Persons owned the height and reach advantage, he chose to close the distance and avoid the twenty-three year old phenom’s fluent kickboxing. Following a failed takedown and forcing Hernandez against the fence, Persons’ aggressive, Skrap Pack style was stalled from the get-go. The flurries from Hernandez punished Persons until his neck was far too exposed. Shortly after the three-minute mark, a fourth guillotine finish was added to Hernandez’s resume.

With eighty percent of Hernandez’s wins pixelating by way of submission, one would surmise that the grappler is far superior to the striker, but ‘Fluffy,’ with a thirst to break bones and spill the blood of others, would counter with his desire to earn the devastating knockout.


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