Sam Toomer: One And Done at GKO 9

From a prolonged war of attrition at GKO (Global Knockout) 7 to a quick night’s work on March 18, 2017 at GKO 9, ‘Super’ Sam Toomer (11-1) further shrinks the distance between the regional setting and a platform to touch every corner of the world.

Toomer’s only defeat was delivered at the hands of Justin Lawrence (9-4), an experienced kickboxer and participant on The Ultimate Fighter, for the featherweight title at RFA 25. Since then, lingering injuries were rehabbed and a move to Northern California placed Toomer in proximity to family while bonding with a new band of blood brothers and sisters as a member of MMAGOLD. In his first fight with the team from El Dorado Hills cornering him at GKO 7, he pushed the Tachi Palace Fights Featherweight Champion, Adrian Diaz (10-4-1), to the breaking point, earning the unanimous decision and Fight of the Night honors.

Returning to the familiar tribal grounds of GKO—GKO 9—in Jackson, Toomer punctuated, in exclamatory fashion, the fluidity of his technique as a tactical striker with a one-sided, first-round stoppage of Anthony ‘The Shark’ Avila (13-5).

Right from the onset, Avila’s objectives entailed: close the distance and avoid any of Toomer’s rangy attack—neither was successful. While rushing in, a crushing cross from Toomer pulled the rug out from Avila and sent him toppling toward the canvas. Though Avila returned to his feet in the blink of an eye, Toomer could smell blood in the water. A circular hunt began: Toomer chased Avila along the cage’s perimeter, and those inside the Grand Oaks Ballroom witnessed Avila’s life meter drain before their eyes as the pro since 2012 unleashed a pinpoint combination of rights and lefts. Team Alpha Male’s Avila, as a means of survival, flailed a few fists in a wild flurry, but a smashing shot from Toomer curled Avila like a hook and baited the referee’s decision to wave off the co-main event contest.

Toomer, a consummate learner, possesses the sharp skills and mindset to cut a place in the 145-pound upper echelon as an elite prizefighter.

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