Carlos Perez: Pitching A Shutout at NCFS 5

As one of the original members of MMAGOLD, considerable anticipation swelled in the atmosphere as Carlos Perez, in his long-awaited debut, followed the footsteps of his numerous teammates when facing David Solorzano at NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) 5 on March 11, 2017.

Solorzano, otherwise known as ‘The Silent Killer’ from Dragon House MMA, entered NCFS 5 hungry for a raucous win; unfortunately, Perez, the newcomer out of El Dorado Hills, played the role of spoiler. A leather-laden whirlwind from Solorzano opened the round, and Perez closed the round in a similar, more precise fashion.

Seconds into the featherweight bout, Perez found himself underneath Solorzano’s suffocating pressure. Unlike most rookies, Perez remained composed and soon cracked the combination to unlock Solorzano’s grasp. Once back on the feet, the fresh face from MMAGOLD pitched a shutout. Three solid fastballs heaved with the right hand staggered Solorzano, and a peppering of additional follow-up forced the referee, based on the safety precautions set forth by C.A.M.O (California Mixed Martial Arts Organization), to call a halt to the contest only moments before the curtain drew on the round.

No matter Perez’s level of experience, he demonstrated a high degree of entertainment, which left Northern California’s fight fans inside the Metro City Soccer Complex calling for an encore.

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