Fighter Opportunity

The UFC is obviously the “Super Bowl” of fight promotions for Mixed Martial Arts. Anyone that tells you different clearly is delusional. Every aspiring MMA fighter should want to compete at the highest levels of the sport once they’ve proven themselves within their region or respected high level mid-tier promotions like West Coast Fighting, Tachi, RFA, Legacy, Showdown, MFC, etc. However, not every fighter on the planet will have that opportunity to compete in the UFC after climbing through the ranks of the other promotions.

There is an argument that can be made who currently is the number two fight promotion in the world; Bellator or World Series of Fighting. Even One FC out of Asia is quickly making a name for themselves and probably falls within the top five promotions in the World. From a financial perspective, Bellator has the full backing of parent company Viacom making it a conglomerate within the industry. From a roster perspective, I would argue Bellator has a deeper roster of talent than WSOF in various weight classes. However, if you were to match some of the Bellator champions or biggest names on their roster against some of the best WSOF fighters, I believe WSOF has a strong case for going head to head against Bellator in terms of the best talent pound for pound.

Either way, competition amongst these fight promotions is good for the fighters and the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Fighters need opportunity like any traditional industry needs competing businesses.  As mentioned above, not every fighter can or will fight in the UFC. Just like not every person can work for Microsoft, that’s why you have competing business such as Oracle, IBM, Apple and the list goes on. I’m a firm believer in bringing fight opportunity and assisting fighters at making money. If fighting is your sole income and you have no other financial resources, then at the end of the day, fighting ultimately becomes about making money and providing for your family and yourself.

Therefore, if the opportunity is placed in front of you to compete at any level of the sport and the money is right, then it’s in your best interest to seriously consider what your being offered in terms of a fight contract and ensure you’re working with your manager and or attorney that the documents you sign will enable to you to compete and have further options. Like I said, bringing fight opportunity is a key component of a fight manager’s job and providing the best advice possible. I personally do not steer a fighter in any one direction when opportunity is provided. That decision must ultimately come from the fighter as they need to live with their decision and compete without distraction. The same goes for regional fights, opportunity must be brought to the fighter, but ultimately it’s the fighter’s decision along with their trainers to accept the fight and follow through with their commitment to bang.

I wish you all the success with your MMA career,

Dave Hirschbein

MMAGOLD Owner/Fight Manager