Jordan Bailey: Back In the Win Column at CFC 3

The heat between Jordan Bailey (6-3) and Bren ‘The Last Real One’ O’Neal (2-1) was extinguished after these gritty lightweights served Northern California’s MMA enthusiasts a Fight of the Night barnburner at Conquer Fighting Championships (CFC) 3. Continue reading

Aarason Perry: Middleweights Were Cautioned at CFC 3

Since entering MMA in 2012, Aarason ‘Hazaard’ Perry (3-1) has always balanced the scale at 170-pounds—until recently. Fifteen pounds more massive, Perry, with a dominant first-round win over Richard Rigmaden (3-10) at CFC (Conquer Fighting Championships) 3, sent a message in a bottle to all the middleweights surrounding the region. Continue reading

Drey Mitchell: Doing All His Homework to Earn An MMAGOLD Star

drey mitchell1It’s Friday afternoon, the school day is winding down, and a kindergarten class in the Sacramento area welcomed an unknown face to their classroom with quiet pinky waves. Taking his place in front of the curious cubs, Drey “Young Lion” Mitchell (3-3), a professional mixed martial artist, volunteered some time to invoke a passion for success. The colorful eyes at the gathering place soaked in each syllable like sponges, and, on April 30, 2016, Mitchell will insert the same lessons shared with his newest legion of fans into motion when he clashes against JT Donaldson (1-1) at Conquer Fighting Championships (CFC) 2.

When Mitchell crossed the threshold of the classroom, much like passing through the door of CFC’s proving ground, his every move captured the audience’s attention. Mitchell’s teaching points validated a prerequisite mindset to achievement, whether inside or outside of the cage, Continue reading

Drey Mitchell: Ready to Cut Loose at CFC 2

The sun begins to dip on Thursday evening, which means: sparring day, and Urban Sprawl Fitness materializes into a percussion of pops, cage side creaks, and grunts of hard labor. To Drey “Young Lion” Mitchell (3-3), the symphonic delight harmonizes his soul, allowing him to target the beat to share with his sparring partners. With the sport of MMA, team MMA Gold, and his daughter, Mitchell has formed a quartet that will enable him to exhibit his artistry when entering the next challenge of his career: Conquer Fighting Championships (CFC) 2 against JT Donaldson (1-1) on April 30, 2016.

“I like to be fluid and smooth. I like to move. Sometimes, I like to feel like I’m dancing when I’m fighting. I just like to have a lot of rhythm and have a lot of movement.”

Photo courtesy of CFC

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